Radio Drama

Production of Radio Serial Drama

The 35 episodes of serial drama will be developed in Amharic, Oromiffa and Somali languages by local professionals.   The Serial dramas will engage audiences, introduce ideas, and empower people to make better-informed decisions – creating tremendous social change. The goal of every serial drama and supporting media is to offer the audience information and encourage self-assessment and discussion within their social circles to encourage the audience to make their own decisions.

Each session of the drama will follow the standard production process and requirements and we are cognizant that each region is different. Values, languages, media markets…they’re all unique and they are constantly changing. Given the diversity of the selected of the project target regions, people and landscape, a radio drama is best positioned to  reach a large audience taking into consideration the various story lines, characters,  and settings. Each session can easily be developed representing   the various cultures and settings throughout the country. This way we can ensure that; the program content is relevant to the various audiences, the people can identify themselves with characters and therefore it will make the program more effective at bringing behavior change.